Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blog Party Time!

Marcela at Etsy Cottage Style is throwing a Blog Party.
You are never to old to play with...

Christmas Decorations!

I am a proud member of Etsy's wonderful Cottage Style Street Team, and we are preparing for Christmas in July!

I have been busy making all kinds of things for Christmas.

Using Christmas ornaments to make wreathes. (I haven't finished any, so I can't share a picture)

But I would love to show you some of my stash that I have been working with!

Vintage ornament boxes just make me happy.

And I've been working on stockings made with vintage fabrics and trims for my Etsy store.
These three are finished...

And these all need to have the cuffs sewn on them.

Be sure and check out Marcela's blog to see all the wonderful blog party participants!
I can't wait to read everyone's newest posts!
Happy Friday,


  1. Oh, I agree totally about the Christmas decorations...that's my favorite holiday!

    Your stockings are Beautiful!!

  2. Oh Debi, The fabric for your stockings are beautiful! I'm with you..I love vintage christmas orns. I still have a blenko jar still filled with balls and bead garland. I can't stand to hid em' away. You need to see my past blog post around christmatime for pics of my personal collection. Hope you stop by soon!

  3. Debi, I always thought who can make Christmas decorations ahead of time to be really ready for Christmas??? Now I know!!!! Good for you, girl! Your stockings are looking fab! I have to tell you, I LOVE vintage Christmas ornaments, love the pastel color ones, pinks, blues, silver, you get the idea....I started collecting them about 3 years ago and have already a ton. The first year, I was hooked so much that I left the ornaments in the glass bowls for display in the entryway the whole year...the colors just made me happy every time I came in the house! Anyway, thank you so much for playing today and visiting everybody! Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Debi, I just adore vintage Christmas decorations also. They are so unique and charming. They always bring back so many wonderful memories of my childhood and all the trees we decorated over the years. Wonderful post thanks for sharing.
    Best wishes,

  5. I absolutely love you vintage stockings! thanks for sharing and stopping by worldgazing.

  6. Oh my goodness, toose stockings are divine! I don't decorate for Christmas so it's always fun to see other peoples.

  7. Hi Debi, I am going to post about my Christmas things too, I am just a little behind!!!! I'm off to Marcela's blog to join in the fun!!! I love your stockings!!! I have to show things I made for last year, I am not that organized!!!!! Hugs,
    Margaret B

  8. The fabric you have used for the stockings are beautiful!!! I love them! Hope you will stop by my site for the party..
    XO Karen

  9. That is just wonderful stuff - lovely stockings! Happy 4th weekend - Hope yours is blessed there where you are - xJ

  10. Oh, how fabulous - I love the ornament boxes too and your stockings are just beautiful!!

  11. Hey Girly, just checking in on you!!! Hope your summer is going good, take care!
    Margaret B

  12. The fabric for your stockings are beautiful! I'm with you..I love vintage christmas orns.

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