Friday, April 3, 2009

Sweet Baby James

We have a Mockingbird who came to live in our neighborhood a few years ago. He sits on our chimney and sings in the mornings, filling our whole house with his song. I love him. So this year I decided he needed a name, and James seemed to fit. Sweet Baby James. Now, if we could just find him a wife and name her Carly...
As soon as James decides to sit still, I am going to take his picture.
When I was in Missouri a few weeks ago, I was at one of my favorite antique stores and came across this adorable little vintage bird. He was so sweet and I knew he would fit right in at out house. He is currently perched on my Dad's Brownie camera.

And last year at that same antique store, I found these wonderful vintage flashcards. Tweet, indeed.
You would never guess that I love birds. I don't know how James knew, but he did. And he found us.
Happy Spring, Y'all!